Duke Empirical

For this premium medical device designer, I have provided top-shelf creative services for over 10 years. From visualizing new devices, to translating their innovation to marketing materials, I have been their outsourced media supplier.

Mendocino Film Festival

For this boutique film festival, we provided professional marketing and graphics that resulted in a significant increase in sponsorship, membership and attendance. We overhauled all elements of the marketing platform, from the brand standards to sponsor solicitation materials and beyond.

Efficient Drivetrains

For this leading electric technology innovator, I have provided professional creative services and marketing consultation for over 15 years. Those efforts have resulted in EDI’s eventual purchase by a $20B public company, Cummins, Inc.

Atlas Peak Olive Oil

As a boutique provider of olive oil, they needed premium design to project premium quality. I helped build their brand from the ground up, starting with the foundation of a new logo, to matching print collateral to packaging and web presence.

Whether your company is marketing a product or a service, brand creativity has the power to separate you from your competitor. Design is the power of creativity realized! I have made it my life’s work to bring the power and value of creativity to every project I complete, blending requirements and desires with my experienced brand and creative services.

From small start-ups to global corporations, I develop premium content, on-target marketing tools, and successful client relationships. I bring the power of collaboration directly to an screen and every project.

Everyone eventually asks me, “What is it you do?”. ¬†“Design for the human race”, I reply, drastically over-simplifying it.

“All of my life, I have brought art and creativity to every project I have engaged. In addition, I design for practical applications, with intent and purpose in every pixel I generate. I design for the creation of products and the marketing of companies over the entire matrix of interconnected social media, networks, devices, applications, and content that makes up the modern net-connected world.”

Gaben Chancellor,
hands-on designer &
team leader

project management, strategic development, consumer to B2B, concept & messaging, user experience, user interface, print & collateral, product packaging, social media, advertising, identity & logos, copy & scriptwriting, digital art, direction, design, productization, videography, cinematography, photography, animation, illustration, audio, visual, special effects, internet presence, technology, information & communication services, and more

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