At the core of modern marketing and promotion today is the ever-present Internet. From your website, to out-reach through social media, e-blast or online video, I help companies keep their internet presence lock-step with their brand positioning.

“The web is incredibly exciting because it is the fulfillment our dreams… that the computer would ultimately not primarily become a device for computation, but will metamorphize into a device for communication.”

–Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer

CLIENT: Efficient Drivetrains
PROJECT: B2B corporate marketing website

Efficient Drivetrains provided a product line of premium commercial electric drivetrains. I helped them with all of their marketing materials and promotion, from internet presence, to user interface.

CLIENT: Parkfield Bluegrass Festival
PROJECT: Consumer festival website

Every Mother’s Day weekend, the quiet town of Parkfield, California has it’s population leaps from a mere 18 to over a thousand bluegrass pickers, pluckers and fun-loving fans. They needed a website which would offer ticket sales, annual spotlights, music archive and product sales. 

CLIENT: Daniel Steel and Machine
PROJECT: Corporate website

Daniel Steel and Machine is a steel fabrication and bridge building company serving Northern California. We provide them with contract marketing services, including print and video.

CLIENT: Atlas Peak Olive Oil
PROJECT: E-Commerce website

Atlas Peak Olive Oil provides a product line of high-end olive-based products. I have helped them with all of their marketing materials and promotion, from internet presence, to logo and product packaging.

CLIENT: Trio Renewable Gas
PROJECT: Investor focused corporate website

Trio Renewable Gas provides a revolutionary product which turns garbage into electricity. They needed a site that would help their investment process, but still offer product to their new and growing customer base.

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